What is Your Financial Horror Story with Renting an Apartment?

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    I luckily avoided any major horrors during my apartment renting days, but I had one moment that was kind of dumb but I just let it slide.

    I was roommates with 3 other guys, all of us paid equally into the deposit for the apartment. I kept things tidy, and for the most part the other guys did too. However, about two months before we were all going to move out, I put a down payment a house and got married, obviously this was planned way ahead of time.

    But I continued to pay the rent for the last two months, which was a hassle but necessary. However, one day I got a message from one of the roommates asking if I had received my portion of the deposit back.

    I was like, oh, you guys moved out? Lol. No, did you get a deposit back?

    He said something along the lines of “Well, one of our roommates pretended he didn’t get a deposit back and didn’t give me my portion until I asked for it”.

    I asked the roommate who got the deposit back and he said since I didn’t help clean the apartment I don’t get the deposit back. Legally speaking, he’s 100% incorrect and I told him that. He responded with some stuff about how it was unfair that I didn’t clean, and I was like, “that doesn’t matter, and I would’ve cleaned if you asked about it”.

    He was like “It’s already done, too bad.”

    I definitely fumed for a little bit, but I just let him have it. It was only about $200, and he definitely knew that he was in the wrong. However, I decided it wasn’t worth the stress to try to get it back from him.

    I know a lot of people have much crazier stories where their roommates or their landlords tried to pull a fast one on them for lots of money. What’s yours?

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