What is Your Email Funnel Entry Philosophy?

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    The way I see it, there is a balance between two strategies when you talk about the entry point to your email funnel.

    1. Have an offer so good that everyone enters your email stream.

    2. Filter out the people you don’t think would convert later on with an offer that only higher quality customers would go for.

    The first strategy makes the marketing side easier, but makes the selling side more difficult. It also makes your campaigns more expensive, as most email automation software has some kind of scaling cost based on the size of your list.

    In the first strategy, imagine if you manage to get 100 people to download your free eBook, but turns out they are all the kind of people who never pay for digital content. In fact, your offer might be attracting that kind of person, but perhaps with convincing enough emails you can get some sales going. However, it only cost you $1 to market each person into your funnel so if you can get a couple of them to start converting down the funnel, you’ll come out on top.

    Or imagine if you manage to only get 5 people to download your eBook that you’re offering for 90% off, $2 instead of $20. These are people who have already given you their financial information and trusted you once, they are more likely to do it again. However, it cost you far more than $2 to get that person into your funnel, and you’ll really need to sell those few users down the funnel to come out on top.

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