The Push-Up World Record was Achieved with Terrible Form

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    I’ve been doing a lot of push-ups the last couple of months, trying to get stronger and in better shape. Reading about form, you want to look forward, have your arms at a 45 degree angle, and go all the way to the ground, touching it with your sternum.

    Push-ups are supposed to be difficult, and typically these standards apply for any exercise regiment. In fact, some would say those are the legit definition of a push-up.

    Imagine my surprise when I stumble across this video of the world record push-up doer, and they completely ignored any guidelines. The dude went down like 2 inches, had his arms out and angled weird, and didn’t “push” so much as “bounce”. This guy is listed in the record books, put on Wikipedia, and gets all sorts of recognition.

    The insane thing is that he isn’t the only one. Watch more videos of push-up “records” and notice all of them use some sort of cheating push-up rather than a legit one. Imagine if I said I’d do the record for standing on one foot, and instead of the traditional definition where that means only a foot can touch the ground, I decide to put my hands on the ground to support my foot.

    Well this guy, believe it or not, actually used better for than some of the other record breakers. It begs the question, what does Guinness use as criteria for their challenges? I know some challenges have well-listed criteria, but if they just let bad push-ups slide I wonder how many other things they let slide.

    Not sure I should be this worked up about it, but I was floored when I saw that!

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