The Orville was my Favorite Show from 2017, What Was Yours?

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    As crazy as it sounds, my favorite show from 2017 was The Orville. Its in some ways a parody of Star Trek, but also has its own plotlines and characters. It also has a focus on humor and comedy, though manages to have serious moments.

    First of all I’m a sucker for fantasy/sci-fi shows and movies. I’m not interested in watching someone else handle real life, I want some imagination in my entertainment.

    The Orville, Best Show of 2017

    The comedy was solid, the special effects and action were fun, the ideas for characters were super creative, and to be honest the episode presented very thought provoking questions.

    One of my favorite parts of science fiction is that it places humans in an unknown situation to our current state, but one we could conceive of happening (which is the science part), and then talks about the implications and morals in that situation.

    For instance, there was one episode with a planet in which the justice system was simply a social upvote/downvote system. The episode addressed a lot of interesting situations that would be brought up under such a system, and as a result was pretty thought provoking.

    Add in there a bunch of humor and space nerdiness, and you’ve got a great show!

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