"Stealing" Forum Topics for Fun and Profit

Official About "Stealing" Forum Topics for Fun and Profit

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    Time for a somewhat controversial post, but at the same time it comes with caveats on how to use this information.

    Caveat 1: Don’t take other people’s forum topics on Findzu, there’s no need to have 10 identical threads rolling around, and it’s not going to make your performance better.

    Caveat 2: Don’t actually steal or plagiarize any writing or information. This is about taking ideas and running with them yourself, not about copying and pasting content. In fact, that behavior would get you banned from Findzu.

    To begin, note that this is a white-hat tactic. That means it’s above ground, legal, and actually encouraged in most marketing circles. It’s moral, in that you hopefully use this tactic to add more information to a discussion rather than less.

    How to “Steal” Topic Ideas:

    1. Go visit a popular forum, reddit board, or Quora question thread that you’re interested in.

    2. While there, find the most popular threads/posts. It’s 10x better if it’s a recently popular thread or post, not one that picked up traffic years ago and then died already.

    3. Use SEMRush to find out what keywords and searches people are using related to the topic/post you found. These should help you get an idea of what people want to actually read about based on their searches.

    4. Create a click-worthy title that includes at least part of those keywords you’re targeting.

    5. Create a topic that covers similar ideas to the super popular post you found on the other forum. Do not copy and paste, but cover all of the main points. At the same time, add in your own main points and ideas. Be sure to include content that covers those keywords/searches you’re trying to hit.

    6. Now, if the topic truly was interesting to that audience, find a Facebook group or Twitter hashtag or your favorite social media site to post your new forum thread to, and hopefully get some people to reply on your forum and start getting traffic rolling there.

    If you planned the keywords well and wrote your article in a solid manner, Google will eventually (sometimes days, sometimes months) rank your post and send organic traffic your way!

    Of course the profit comes because the more high-quality traffic and interaction you get from your content, the higher your prestige score and the more likely you are to qualify for additional bonuses.

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