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    Smash Up is a board game that involves smushing two factions, each a 20 card deck, into a single 40 card deck. You then play a series of actions and minions to try to capture bases and get victory points.

    It has quite a few expansion packs to build a larger collection of factions.

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    I play pretty regularly with my wife and her cousin. Yesterday I won with a deck of Teddy Bears and Grannies. They aren’t the greatest synergy, but really are solid factions apart from each other and make a decent smash up. Both are available in the What Were We Thinking Expansion Set.

    What are your favorite factions to play?

    My actual favorite faction is Pirates because of First Mates. After the base scores you move the First Mate there to another base, each has 2 power by default. Next time I play I’m going to try Pirates with Mad Scientists.

    If you can get 4 First Mates going at once, you’ve got a moving 8 power to take to every base with you which is typically at least enough to get second place. I’ve never seen it happen, but theoretically you can put enough +1 counters or ongoing buffs on First Mates to score every base on the board in one turn. Mad Scientists have a bunch of abilities to add +1 counters to minions, so if I can add all the +1s I can to first mates I could probably do pretty well!


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    Update, I tried Pirates + Mad Scientists. It’s an absolute sick combo, if only because of the First Mate + Uber Serum combo.

    First Mate - Pirates - Smash Up Card | Altar of Gaming

    Uberserum - Mad Scientists - Smash Up Card | Altar of Gaming

    If you can get this out in the first few turns, and none of your opponents are able to destroy the action, your first mate can eventually get big enough to win you unlimited bases.

    However, when I finally played this combo, my opponent played a brand new faction that can steal +1 counters, which is absolutely infuriating and ruined the effect.

    If anybody claims they’re playing with Mad Scientists, pick Kung Fu Fighters. They will just steal all of the counters and win from your own actions.


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