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General About Rules

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    These are the rules that keep the site well-maintained and balanced in content. We want the site to be usable by all ages and to provide quality content that a teacher might be willing to share with their classroom, and business workers would be willing to share with coworkers.

    Violation of rules can result in banning, but at the discretion of moderators.


    Because there is a revenue share option here, we’ll most likely get some issues with people who try to game the system by copying content from other content creators on-site and off. This is an instant ban. Also, no spinning of content. We have back-end plugins to help protect against this kind of thing.


    Please keep media fun for the whole family. There should be no nudity or gore in our videos or images. Similarly, make sure you have permission to post the images or videos.


    Excessive cursing, especially in important threads, will result in deletion of posts.


    There should be some level of relevance in your reply to topics, but a high standard of relevance to a forum when you start a new topic. Please maintain this relevance. It’ll help people navigate, subscribe to forums, and improve SEO of the forums as a whole which will be very good for revenue sharing.

    If you have content you want to share but cannot find a relevant forum, message me and I’ll consider making the forum. My one caveat is that you have to promise to post at least 5 quality topics in that forum.


    Since we’re aiming for quality, there must be some level of effort put into your posts, especially when creating a new topic. No posting “thanks” or some canned response to every thread in order to inflate your post count. We will notice and we will ban you.

    We will allow for self-promotion of your own content and websites (if they too are appropriate), but only in the relevant topics acompanied by high quality content.

    You may post affiliate links in the proper sections of the website, and in relevant high-quality content, but we WILL most likely change your affiliate links to Findzu affiliate links and you are not allowed to change them back.

    Also, we have no policy against reviving old threads if you’re updating them with refreshed content or replying in-depth to someone else’s topic. However, no bumping to the top of the forums by replying “bump” or “updated” or any other short phrase.


    As much as we love our friends who don’t speak English well, you must have fluency in English to post on Findzu. We want people to be able to subscribe to forum boards and have a consistent experience of being able to read the content. That’s not to say we expect perfect grammar (though we may edit bad grammar and do expect your best effort), but we want presentable content to an English-speaking audience.

    Hacks, Bots, Automatic Refreshing or Gaming the System
    Attempts to access the back-end, steal accounts, use bots/unsuspecting traffic, or generate ad revenue illicitly will result in a ban. We have alerts set up for all kinds of bots and traffic fraud, and if we detect you doing any of that behavior you’ll get an instant ban.

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