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    Grab a bunch of creative, competitive friends. Prepare yourself to deceive and be deceived. Have fun!

    That’s really the gist of your mindset while playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf. If’ you’ve ever played Mafia, it has a similar feel. You get a role, which you look at. You then have a night-time phase in which people do stuff. You then wake up and vote to kill someone.

    The two basic teams are the villagers and the werewolves. The villagers win if a werewolf is killed, and the werewolves win if none of the werewolves are killed after that one night.

    To throw a wrench in the simplicity of the game, there are roles who wake up in the night (when the moderator calls them to) and switch cards around, or become someone else’s role, etc.

    A lot of the day time is spent retracing what may have happened during the night, with certain roles using their information to confirm or deny somebody else’s logic. The werewolves of course have to lie and pretend to be some other role, or else distract and throw somebody else under the bus.

    All of the day time and arguing happens in only 5 minutes, which makes it super fast-paced! You can get through a ton of games in a couple hours, and makes for a fulfilling, albeit loud, game night. Also due to the speed and chaos of the game, sometimes you end up with a situation where you know exactly who all of the werewolves are, and other time you go the entire 5 minutes and have to make a somewhat random guess.

    Personally I love this game, however the game is not for people who hate conflict, can’t stand being deceived in a game, or aren’t competitive enough to make the game fun and challenging for everyone else.

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