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    A blind ace is what I would call a situation where you can’t see the basket, but still manage to put the disc in the basket from the drive.

    The basket was only about 150 feet from the tee, but there was a large plot of trees and brush right in front of the tee where you have to throw to the right and curve the disc back around the foliage to the basket. The total flight path probably ends up being around 200 when you consider the curve.

    A lot of people either throw way too far to the right and hit a giant tree that is right there, or they hook too hard to the left and land in the dense foliage, and for some people they just throw the disc straight into the foliage by mistake.

    I threw my disc and thought it was a great throw (I ended up with a 2 on this basket) because it landed maybe 5 feet from the pole. But then my father-in-law tossed his disc. The funny thing is that he started talking to someone and then we all heard the ching of the chains.

    I disc golf frequently and have never gotten an ace, my father-in-law only plays a couple times a year but got this ace in front of a bunch of people. It was quite impressive, and definitely a moment of celebration.

    Do you have any interesting ace stories?

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