Has Anyone Else Been Banned From All the Disqus Systems on Major News Sites?

Politics Conservative Forums Has Anyone Else Been Banned From All the Disqus Systems on Major News Sites?

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    I’ve never been abusive with my comments, never broken any stated rules, and definitely never said anything hateful.

    Yet somehow all of the news sites have some interconnected moderation in which I was banned for posting conservative opinion on one of the comment threads, and was suddenly banned from all of them.

    Later, I was even banned from all of Disqus, though that was in-part due to advertising something on another Disqus comment thread, which somehow is an offence that will get you banned from the whole platform.

    But I think it’s crazy that our big journalistic sources, those that allegedly are there to promote the free exchange of information, don’t want ANY conservative influence. It is indeed worrisome that some people don’t know about media bias. It’s there, and it is prevalent.

    That’s not to say I have anything against liberal or conservative media, as long as it is transparent or obvious. What’s not cool is when society pretends a source is neutral, but it does things like selective editing, cherry-picking evidence, writing subjective headlines and content as news, and banning conservative comments and commentators.

    Anybody else have this experience?

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