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    Fact Checking is an important part of politics, because it informs the public about false or even true claims that politicians make. Our standards for fact checks are high, and if you are trying to debate an action or decision rather than a claim, please go to the Debate Forums.

    Note: This is for political claims. Not, for viral images or chain letters. For those, try our “debunkers” forum coming soon.

    Here’s are the two things that should trigger a fact check:
    1. You hear a claim by a politician and have never heard it before, or you know it is false for some reason.
    2. You hear someone else claim that a politician’s claims were false.

    Hopefully those rule out obvious fact checks like “2+2=4”.

    Requirements for a fact check post:
    1. A single, objective claim to address.
    2. Contradicting or supporting facts/data with links.
    3. A conclusion of True or False. We don’t use a subjective scale of grading like a lot of the media-run fact checkers.
    4. A clear description of why you called the fact true or false based on the facts you presented and perhaps if it was an honest mistake with the correct implications or a downright falsehood with the wrong implications.

    Requirements for replies to fact check posts:
    1. When you reply to a fact check post, your reply should be to bring up additional data or facts, and what the implications are. You might bring up data that proves the fact checker wrong, in which case please monitor the situation to see what the fact checker does in response, then edit your reply accordingly.

    2. No replying with “I knew it” or “of course, xyz politician always lies” or
    anything political like that.

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