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    Findzu’s goal is to empower users with the freedom to write about any topic.

    So if you EVER want to write about something, but don’t think it fits in other forums, let us know and we’ll build that forum!

    So the only guidelines for making forum suggestions are this:

    1. The forums themselves must follow the site guidelines, so no adult-based forums.
    2. Think of how you want to frame the forums. Is there a specific type of post you’re interested in? Or do you just want a general forum about that topic.

    That’s about it! However, I do request that if we grant a forum request, you go and write at least 3 solid posts in that forum to get it going. We don’t want many blank or deserted forums on Findzu, though we’re willing to have some if it gives users the freedom to write about whatever topics they want!

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