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    These frequently asked questions will help you learn all about Findzu!

    How do Taxes Work with Findzu?

    First thing to note is that Findzu will NOT send you tax documents under the current law in accordance with this IRS page, the Form 1099-K exception. We will also not withhold any taxes, and you are legally NOT an employee of Findzu.

    Paypal is responsible for reporting income paid through its platform. Currently, Paypal is not required to report income to the IRS unless it is over $20,000 AND 200 transactions, but legally you are required to pay taxes on income over $600.

    When is Pay Day?

    Pay day will be monthly, within a week after I receive the revenue from our ad server. Right now Findzu doesn’t have enough users to get ad revenue monthly, but it won’t take many users to get to that point.

    What is the minimum payment threshold?

    Right now the threshold is $50. We don’t want to make a bunch of micro-payments all the time, that’s inefficient. Every time pay day arrives, we will pay out all the people with “due pay” over $50.

    Why is X a forum but not Y?

    Sometimes you’ll find that a certain forum seems left out from the conversation or missing. For instance when we first started Findzu we only made a Christianity forum in our Faith category but not a Hinduism forum or Atheism forum. That’s because we will not make forums until we have someone who will write in them. If you request it, and promise to write 5 solid topics in that forum, we’ll make it!

    Why did you start Findzu?

    I had a twofold reason to start Findzu. First, I really like the forum-style website where you discuss content and build an increasing volume of knowledge and perspectives on very specific discussions. This style lends itself to high search engine rankings, because of the volume of content generated. However, nobody has made a pure revenue sharing forum to encourage content continuously posted, updated, and promoted. That’s why we have a 100% adsense revenue share.

    Second, I enjoy writing and entrepreneurship myself, and feel I have a lot to contribute with my digital marketing experience. I’ve tried creating more focused, topical websites on subjects like puns and personal finance. I’m pretty passionate about those topics, but once I get to around 10-15 posts on one topic I get burnt out and stop posting. With Findzu, I can hop from topic to topic without slowing down. If I get tired of writing long articles on one topic, I can go write about something else! Even in the first couple of weeks on Findzu I blew past the 10-15 post threshold that I normally get tired with.

    What about my replies, can they earn money?

    While staying active with replies provides all sorts of linking and supplemental benefits for you, and helps you build authority and prominence on Findzu, it also has a small chance of earning money. We have pages for topics that include all of the replies, and the authorship for that page is given to the topic author. However, we also have pages for every single reply made. The authorship for those pages are credited to the reply author. These are not as likely to win Google rankings, but if a reply is really solid Google may even rank it higher than the topic. You can also link directly to these replies on social media and drive traffic. Each post on Findzu has a number in the upper right hand corner. The reply url is https://findzu.com/reply/thatnumber

    How does Findzu make money?

    Since we’re a revenue-sharing site, I’ll be completely transparent on our plan. First, we get all the display ad revenue that isn’t distributed to users. Approved users get 100% of ad revenue on pages they have “authorship” on. For most users, this will happen when they start a topic and that topic gets traffic. We’ll also give “authorship” of the forum and category pages (not topic or reply pages) to moderators so they can make additional revenue.

    Second, and most importantly, affiliate revenue. We find as many opportunities as possible to convert normal product links to links that we get commission off of as well as converting references to brands and products throughout the forums to affiliate revenue. In some of the forums where we have a really good affiliate offer to promote, we create “sticky” threads that sell those products.

    These affiliate links will actually increase the amount of money YOU earn with display ads. When a user visits a commercial website with products of services for sale on it, those sites attach a “retargeting tag” to the user’s browser. Display ad units will be filled with higher bids thus increasing the revenue earned from those users on subsequent ad impressions on Findzu.

    How can I make more money?

    Ad revenue is a simple formula. Impressions multiplied by Ad RPM (revenue per thousand). So you can increase your impressions by posting more and more content that attracts Google search traffic, attention within Findzu itself, and sharing your posts on social media. The second way to increase revenue is to increase RPM, which you can do by posting about topics with high advertiser demand. For instance, if you write in the product review section of the website, you’ll likely get a high RPM. If you write in the personal finance or digital marketing sections, likewise you’ll get a high RPM. However, if you post in the video games forums, you’ll probably have a somewhat mediocre RPM but have a much better chance of getting high traffic!

    Is Findzu available outside the United States?

    For now, it is not. We may expand to other English speaking countries in the future, but for simplicity of development and payments while we’re in beta and growing, we will stick to USA. In addition, European countries have a lot of extra regulations on websites that make it unlikely we will expand to those countries any time soon.

    How do I change my avatar?

    Take note of the email you’re using for Findzu. We pull our avatars from Gravatar.com. Use the email you use on Findzu with Gravatar and upload your picture there.

    Can I be a moderator?

    Never ask if you can be a moderator, it will not work. In our opening stages moderators will be drawn from people we trust offline, who are verified personally and can communicate in person for efficiency. Later, if we have a need for moderators we’ll fulfill it by reviewing our top contributors, make sure all of their posts fill our guidelines, do a little snooping outside of Findzu, and then contact that user to see if they’d like to be a moderator. Then, there are guidelines that user must agree to to be a moderator, and their status will be revoked without hesitation if they are abusive of their privileges.

    How do I get paid out?

    If you are an approved contributor, go to your profile page and select the earnings tab, then the second settings tab. Then make sure you’ve filled out your Paypal email. If you do not have a Paypal, go make one now. We will issue payments on a monthly basis, but it may take a couple of days to get all of the payments out because it is a somewhat manual process at the moment.

    What are ranks/levels for?

    We implemented a system of ranks and leveling up to encourage a spirit of competition. I’m a person motivated by numbers, and I love playing games just to level up. Some people will find the ranking system to be a fun motivator, others will just try to compete to earn more total views than their friends. They also can help you judge a person’s content faster. If a user has a high favorites rank you can be assured that their content has probably helped a lot of people!

    The most notable rank type is the Views Earned Rank. It’s designed to be infinite, so if you get billions of views your level will be more notable than if you get millions. However, it gets 10% more difficult to achieve each consecutive level, and that compounds so that for around every 7 levels you’ll need double the views, and someone 7 levels higher than you generally has double the views you do. It is quite the feat to reach level 100, and probably impossible to reach level 200. You can earn views not only by posting topics, but also replies to topics.

    What are achievements used for?

    Our first achievements are used to notify you when you’ve met the stats to be marked to start making money, and to then notify you when you’ve passed the manual approval process to start earning.

    However, later we’ll have specific achievements to encourage activities we think are cool, and also to reward users for winning competitions.

    Why is Findzu limited to 100 monetized contributors in beta?

    As of April 2018, Findzu is a solo operation with no employees. I also have a full time career, since Findzu is just starting up. As a result I want to start with a nice core group, build up a lot of content and moderators, test to see what areas of the site to improve, and then grow from there.

    However, we’re game to get as much traffic as those 100 contributors can attract with their content, so no worries there! Additionally, we can have more than 100 users total posting, just only limited the money-making portion to 100 during beta.

    Is there an age limit for Findzu?

    As long as you can write at a comprehensible level, whether you’re 15 or 18 doesn’t matter. We don’t allow any mature content on Findzu, so realistically the content should be family friendly. But please ask your parents before participating in online discussion. However, anyone under 18 will need their parent or legal guardian to sign up for Paypal for them. If you don’t have a guardian who will do this for you, or don’t want to have to ask, you can still build up a traffic machine with hundreds or thousands of topics and as soon as you turn 18 start getting payments.

    Why did I get banned?

    We ban people when their behavior causes damage to Findzu as a platform, in order to protect the revenue for our other users. As such any violation of our rules can result in an instant and permanent ban.

    Where’s my confirmation email?

    Some platforms are more finicky than others in delivering mail properly. Check your junk, spam, promotion, or newsletter folders to see if your confirmation email is there.

    I have my own website, why should I use Findzu?

    On Findzu, we encourage people to have their own websites and projects! However, best website practices demand sticking to a single topic. For instance, I have a pun/humor website and a personal finance website. However, I frequently get burnt out writing about those topics and if I want to write about some random other topic, I head on over to Findzu and start writing away! It’s a great way to learn, write, and discuss all topics with other people. To learn about making money from running a topical website (and improving your posts on Findzu), head over to the Online Marketing forums.

    Can I make a living off of Findzu?

    Theoretically yes. There are single content pages on the internet making tens of thousands of dollars per month in display advertising revenue, but they are rare. If you can write a complete goldmine of a forum topic, you can potentially earn a lot of money. Or, if you write 100 solid topics averaging $25 a month, that’s another route to make a living, or perhaps 1,000 solid topics averaging $2.5 a month. However, not everyone will reach that level, so don’t quit your day job to write on Findzu.

    Why is Revenue High/Low This Month?

    The display advertising market has a huge variance based on time of year. For the majority of sites, the few months leading up to Christmas are the biggest earnings of the year. All advertisers who sell Christmas gifts are trying to hit a home run that Christmas, so pump a lot of money into advertising. However, this completely depends on your topic. If you write about taxes, you’ll do well the first quarter of the year. If you write about sports or travel, you’ll do well in the summer. If you write about allergies, you’ll do well in the spring.

    Is Revenue Share Subject to Change?

    In these early stages technically everything is subject to change. Legally, I can change anything we want on Findzu, and if anything every happened where display ads are not an effective revenue method, we will find a way to still compensate authors but changes would obviously be made. However the only other idea I’m entertaining now and the near future is some kind of referral program, which would demand a revenue change.

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