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    We haven’t successfully tried this yet, but the group I play with on Empyrion have come up with some fun combat strategies. One is a decoy idea.

    You make a blueprint of a large box of armor surrounding the cockpit. Keep your capital vessel steady above and out of range of the NPC enemy you’re targeting. Spawn in the decoy box, or if your capital vessel is large and you already have decoy vessels docked in there, undock it and turn it on. Then, without being in the HV, drive the capital vessel forward to drop the decoy out of the ship.

    Once the base’s turrets start focuses on the decoy, get down there as fast as possible and start taking out those turrets with your best firepower.

    Now we haven’t tried this strategy to see how long the HV would last against enemy firepower, but we’ll definitely test it soon and update you on how it goes.

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