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    I run an Empyrion server for myself and a couple of friends, but this weird thing occasionally happens.

    The other day we logged in and noticed that our hover vehicles and small vessels disappeared! Not cool. I tried restoring old backups of the server and databases, but that didn’t help at all. No vehicles were regenerated and I’m not sure what happened.

    Server settings are set so that ships should NOT disappear at all. The way we solved it was giving myself admin privileges (easier said than done) to myself and spawning blueprints back in.

    Speaking of giving admin privileges, something is completely broken there as well. I stopped the server, went into the admin file, and edited it with my steam ID and everything required by the Empyrion help docs. Then, I saved, renamed the file to the proper name, and restarted the server. Nothing happened, I wasn’t an admin.

    I had to install a command prompt editor and connect to the server through Telnet to give myself admin privileges. It was the most inefficient process!

    I recommend to anyone running a server, make sure you save all edits to your Empyrion ships as blueprints, you never know when Empyrion will have a glitch and delete your progress on things.

    Another time, one of my friends logged in and found that his inventory was deleted. Another time, he logged in and half of our base was missing, though it loaded back later when he left the area of the map. Crazy stuff like that happens, and I’m not sure what’s up!

    Anybody with Empyrion server experience, please help me out.

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