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    If you have an audience but no email marketing automation, stop everything you’re doing and pay attention.

    Communication with your audience is crucial to increase your retention, loyalty, and customer lifetime value. It’s how you turn a single sale or sign-up into a lifetime of revenue.

    But you don’t have to sit there and send out weekly newsletters. Instead, you can build campaigns that automatically route your audience in a way that makes sense, and fully automate these communications.

    I recommend Aweber to everybody who starts email marketing, because they are easy to learn and offer all sorts of free education on campaigns, audiences, and marketing.

    Email Marketing Automation Step-by-Step

    1. The first thing you need is an audience about some topic. If you have a website about cats, build an email marketing list about cats. Collect emails using all sorts of methods, maybe offer a cat training manual to people who sign-up for your list.
    2. Now, start to plan out your email campaign. Gather a list of cat related things you can sell as an affiliate, drop-shipping, or through your own business. Make a list of all of the fun little content ideas that have no sales that can build loyalty and appreciation. Also make a list of potential freebies to offer to make subscribers feel like they’re getting something out of the emails. Also think of the timing. Do you want subscribers to get an email once a week or twice a week?
    3. The first email should obviously be a welcome email and fulfill any promises you made to get the user to your list. Make it personal, share a picture of your cat, and let users know you’ll respond to any email they send you. That’ll start to build loyalty to your list.
    4. Start building more emails, mostly content they’ll enjoy or training tips, or whatever related content you can give away for free. You can sprinkle product links throughout these emails, but don’t make most of them about those products themselves.
    5. Every once in awhile you can make a hard-sell, but you may find that your soft-sells sprinkled throughout your other emails are better for your audience.
    6. Start to “segment” where it makes sense. Perhaps you think users who open other emails should go down a different path and receive emails in a different order. Perhaps emails that click on your link about cat food should get a hard-sell email every once in awhile about buying more cat food. When you can segment your list by factors and optimize those segments to increase sales, you’ll make a lot more money and have a much lower drop-off rate for your audience.

    But first you’ll need an email marketing platform to operate with, perhaps test-drive Aweber to start.

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