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    Tried out 5 Minute Dungeon today with friends.

    Right now it’s available on Amazon for $20.

    The first thing you’ll notice is that the artwork looks quite fun and cartoony. Of course that won’t go into my review of the game, but if you get the game take some time to admire the artwork because you will completely forget there is adtwart when playing.

    The setup is extremely easy. Each player picks one of 5 player cards, each of which has two options for characters.

    Each card has a corresponding deck, which you place on your player card in the draw slot. The game consists of trying to beat a 5 minute timer, play cards to fight through a stack of monsters, people, obstacles, mini-bosses and events.

    You play as a team, so everyone wins or nobody wins.

    I found the game to be fast paced and exciting, it’s pretty much non-stop action the entire way through.

    There were times when we didn’t have a resource, and had to work as a team to find a solution.

    On first play the game gets a 5/5.

    If you’ve been playing this game for awhile, what are your thoughts on replay value? Is it a good game to whip out every couple weeks, or do you beat the game and then dislike playing it again?

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